Although few set-based items have been made as of yet, this page will keep track of them and those rumored for will release!

For packs of items, please check the front page to see a link to what pages you can go to.


Decoration StationEdit

Have a playdate planned? Then with this device you and your Cutie Pop will be all ready!

This object can be carried as a whole or by the string on the top of it. It fits one doll that can be attached to a rotating doll stand and also includes a mirror. Fashion, accessories, and pops can be stored into this device using it's many slots upon opening the doors.

Remote Control CarEdit

Want to take your petite cuties for a ride? With this fun Radio Control car, now you can!

This girly, pink and blue car is waiting for your collection and comes with her own themed pops consisting of sunglasses and purses. Along for the ride is a petite cutie pop (suspected to be Dainty), who comes with a purse, hair pop, and a bow pop. All of which can be stored inside of cars front hood.

Remote controller is fun and easy to use. Batteries not included!




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