Cutie Pop Pop Packs are little packs solely focused on a theme of Pops for your cutie pop doll. As of currently, there are just three released and all carry a sweet/food theme.

Each pop pack comes with Eight pops and a bracelet for you to wear!



A primarily pink theme set, it includes:

  • 3 magenta donuts with sprinkles
  • 3 plain donuts with white icing and sprinkles
  • 2 light pink flower-shape donuts.

The bracelet is also pink.

Ice ConeEdit

Coming on a red bracelet, this set has a red and white theme. It consists of:

  • 2 vanilla Ice cream cones
  • 1 Orange glitter coated Popsicle
  • 2 red glitter coated Popsicle
  • 3 snow cones with red and blue


A pink oriented set with a white bracelet. This one has the least amount of colors used. It consists of:

  • 4 pink heart shaped lollipops with pink bows and tiny white spots
  • 4 translucent bows with tiny hearts in the center




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