Cutie Pops Wiki

To go with the outfit packs, seperate packs of hair and eyes have been released too. In each pack comes two pigtails, four sets of eyes (two shut, two open), two hairbows, and two pops.

So far only three packs have been released, so keep your eyes peeled for more!


Day In The Park[]

An autumn theme pack for any girl heading to the park with her favorite Cutie Pop!

  • Hair: Orange-brown with lighter and darker streaks. The hair is frizzy.
  • Open Eyes: Forest green with small hearts and cupcakes in them. The eyeliner is sky blue while the lashes are purple.
  • Closed Eyes: yellow, orange, pink, and blue with matching glitter eyelashes.
  • Bows: red tulle/silk
  • Pops: Yellow, green, and pink ice cream cones

Party Evening[]

Flashy, pink, and perfectly pretty! What more could a cutie pop want?

  • Hair: Pink-purple silk-like hair
  • Open Eyes: Multi-blue colored eyes with small hearts and lollipops in them. The eyeliner is fuschia while the eyelashes match the eye color.
  • Closed Eyes: White eyes with magenta hearts in the center and light pink eyelashes.
  • Bows: Light pink with shimmering, slightly translucent centers on both sides.
  • Pops: Pink sparkle hearts

Sweet Dreams[]

Now your cutie is ready to get some shut eye (or not)! With this pack the two of you will have lovely dreams all night long...

  • Hair: Braided lilac pigtails that are made of yarn
  • Open Eyes: Dark purple-blue eyes with pink hearts and cookies in them. The eyeliner is blue-white, while the eyelashes are pink.
  • Closed Eyes: a soft shade of pink with purple heartss that have very tiny white spots on them. The eyelashes are white-blue.
  • Bows: Pink with white polka-dots 
  • Pops: big pink hearts with small glittery centers