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Fashion Packs are a must for any doll series. This page will list any and all of them that are currently released or set to be released at a later date. Each fashion pack comes with an outfit, eight pops that match the Hair and Eye set, a pair of shoes, and a bracelet for the owner.

To see a list of matching Hair and Eye sets just view that page!


Day in the Park[]

A cute, sporty look that's perfect to wear for a day of play. Outfit consists of a white top with multicolor sleeves and a pink fuzzy vest on top. Along with a pair of denim jeans with yellow on the bottom and yellow boots.

Accessories include:

  • Bows: Fuzzy pastel pink
  • Pops: 2 orange popsicle, 2 chocolate popsicle, 1 yellow, green, and pink ice cream, 2 strawberry ice creams.
  • Bracelet: Peach-tan

Party Evening[]

A perfectly pink, flirty look for cutie heading to a party!

Outfit consists of a silk pale pink dress with pastel pink furry trim, short pink boots, pink and white striped stockings with pastel furry trim and matching arm sleeves.

Accessories Include:

  • Bows: Slightly furry pink material
  • Pops: 4 pink cakes, two blue cakes, 2 translucent pink-red bows.
  • Bracelet: Pink

Sweet Dreams[]

Before a cutie can get a good nights rest she needs to change into a cute pair of pajamas!

Outfit conists of a pink tank top and baggy pair of pants with magenta, green, purple, yellow, and white polkadots. The top has a green bow in the center with a fuzzy pink pom pom in the center. And also a pair of purple flats/slippers.

Accessories Include:

  • Bows: light purple, soft cloth
  • Pops: 4 teddy bears, 4 pastries
  • Bracelet: A dull neon purple-pink